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The Steering Committee of the ICH NGO Forum was organized under the purpose of communication, networking, exchange, and cooperation by and for non-governmental organizations accredited. The need of the operational body for NGOs of each region and international has increased and started electing the Steering Committee by secret ballot.
The steering committee of the ICH NGO Forum has a two-year term.
Seven members are elected as a representative of each region and international. It is a volunteer job. The representatives of UNESCO accredited NGOs have rights to vote the Steering Committee. The voting is held during the session of the Intergovernmental Committee. Each year one thirds members change by turns. They attend the annual Intergovernmental Committee and the biannual General Assembly.
Every month they have a meeting. During the monthly meeting they share the situation of their regions and discuss agenda related to issues for the symposium at the Intergovernmental Committee and for the NGO meeting sessions at the General Assembly. The minutes can be open to the public in the following month after the approval at the next meeting.
The Steering Committee organizes a symposium with a different theme each year on the eve of the Intergovernmental Committee and helps with advice to the Intergovernmental Committee by collecting and delivering the opinions from the UNESCO accredited NGOs. The Steering Committee also presents the yearly report. They welcome newly UNSECO-accredited NGOs and encourage the NGOs to network and share the common interests for the ICH safeguarding on the basis of the 2003 Convention.

Read about ICH NGO Forum on the UNESCO’s website.

(From top left to bottom right: Mr. Martín Andrade- Pérez, Mr. Laurier Turgeon, Mr. Sekou Berte, Mr. Mohammed Mohamed Lemine Beidieu, Ms. Janet Blake, Mr. Robert Baron, and Ms. Tamara Nikolic Deric)


Steering Committee 2021 – 2022

Western Europe and North America: Mr. Laurier Turgeon – Folklore Studies Association of Canada (Canada) – President

Eastern Europe: Ms. Tamara Nikolic Deric – Association House of Batana (Croatia)

Latin America and the Caribbean: Mr.Martín Andrade-Pérez – Erigaie Foundation (Colombia) – Treasurer

Asia and the Pacific: Ms. Janet Blake – Persian Garden Institute for Living Heritage – (Islamic Republic of Iran) – Vice President

Africa:  Mr. Sekou Berte – Mali Cultural Heritage Agency (Mali) – Responsible for Communications

Arab States:  Mr. Mohammed Mohamed Lemine Beidieu – Association mauritanienne pour la sauvegarde du partimoine culturel immatériel (Mauritania)

International NGO:  Mr. Robert Baron – International Society for Ethnology and Folklore – Secretary


Executive positions of the Steering Committee for 2021-2022: 

Laurier Turgeon – President

Janet Blake – Vice President

Robert Baron – Secretary

Martín Andrade-Pérez – Treasurer

(De haut à gauche en bas à droite: M. Martín Andrade-Pérez; M. Laurier Turgeon; M. Sekou Berte; M. Mohammed Mohamed Lemine Beidieu; Mme Janet Blake; M. Robert Baron; Mme Tamara Nikolic Deric)

Comité de pilotage 2021 – 2022 

Europe de l’Ouest et Amérique du Nord: M. Laurier Turgeon – L’Association canadienne d’ethnologie et de folklore (Canada) – Président

Europe de l’Est: Mme Tamara Nikolic Deric – Association House of Batana (Croatie)

Amérique latine et Caraïbes: M. Martín Andrade-Pérez– Fondation Erigaie (Colombie) – Trésorier

Asie et Pacifique: Mme Janet Blake – Persian Garden Institute for Living Heritage – (République islamique d’Iran) – Vice-présidente

Afrique: M. Sekou Berte – Agence du patrimoine culturel du Mali (Mali) – Responsable de la communication 

États arabes: M. Mohammed Mohamed Lemine Beidieu – Association mauritanienne pour la sauvegarde du partimoine culturel immatériel (Mauritanie)

ONG internationale: M. Robert Baron – Société internationale d’ethnologie et de folklore – Secrétaire


Postes exécutifs du Comité de pilotage pour 2021-2022: 

Laurier Turgeon – Président

Janet Blake – Vice-présidente

Robert Baron – Secrétaire

Martín Andrade-Pérez – Trésorier


Previous Steering Committees:


ICH NGO Forum Financial Report


Archive of previous documents
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