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The Working Group Research (WG-Research) was created at the 10th session of the Intergovernmental Committee in Windhoek in November 2015. The WG-Research aims to promote and facilitate dialogue between research carried out by NGOs, Universities, and communities on themes such as safeguarding, sustainability, diversity, ethics, etc. while strengthening the place and involvement of communities in this research to co-construct new knowledge through participatory, interactive, and innovative approaches, involving both local and academic knowledge.

The research group aims to serve as a knowledge-sharing and capacity-building platform for the accredited NGOs, fostering research collaborations and providing reflections on the various research topics and debates that animate the ICH sphere. Throughout the years, the WG-Research thus has been inspiring the work and reflections of the Intergovernmental Committee and the global ICH safeguarding networks through its activities, symposiums, web dossiers and tools.
The WG-Research is developing a range of thematic issues such as ICH in urban contexts, ICH and sustainable tourism, and different methodologies to enable community participation in research.
Since 2015, the Working Group Research has held its annual meetings during the sessions of the General Assembly and the Intergovernmental Committee of the 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

You can find the reports of the different sessions below.

Members of the Working Group Research include: Marilena Alivizatou, Jana Ambrózová, Martin Andrade Perez, Giovanny Arteaga, Jet Bakels, Robert Baron, Sekou Berte, Ananya Bhattacharya, Janet Blake, Chiara Bortolotto, Halle M. Butvin, Séverine Cachat, Fredrik Elg, Sophie Elpers, Danijela Filipovic, Martha Fleurant, Lluís Garcia Petit, Antoine Gauthier, Carl-Éric Guertin, Hanhee Hahn, David Hermansson, Shinwha Hong, Amelia F. Moreira, Jorijn Neyrinck, Tamara Nikolic Djeric, Bachirou Njoya, Lina Midholm, Joanne Orr, Okello Quinto, Rabejao Rabe, Carla Raposeira, MeeZa Rishi, Hannne Schreiber, Filomena Sousa, Tamira Sno, Laurier Turgeon, Benedetta Ubertazzi, Cholponai U-G, Outi Valo, Tine Winther, Carley Frances Williams, Valentina L. Zingari.