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Newsletter ICH NGO Forum – October 2015

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2016 ICH NGO SYMPOSIUM Towards a code of ethics for ICH NGOs ?

The Ich Ngo Symposium on Sunday 29th of November – from 10.00 am until 4.00 pm, takes place at the UNESCO conference venue in Windhoek, Namibia.

  • Registration NOW OPEN
    The Registration for the 2016 ICH NGO Forum General Meeting and SYMPOSIUM – 29th of November– 10.00 am-4.00pm (Windhoek, Namibia) is now open. Please register before November 20th by email to mentioning the following information:

1. Name
2. First name
3. Organization (NGO, representing State Party, …)
4. Country
5. Email contact

6. Presence Morning: general meeting ICH NGO Forum?: YES / NO
7. Presence Afternoon: SYMPOSIUM?: YES/NO

The Purpose of the Symposium: Read HERE more on the Focus of the 2016 Symposium: Towards a code of ethics for ICH NGOs?

Send your proposal
to putting forward a vision, reflection or proposal on the subject max. 300 words by 13th of November, 2015


Activities of the ICH NGO Forum

Be welcome !
Working Groups & Meetings of the ICH NGO Forum at 10.COM

WELCOME SESSION FOR NEWCOMING NGOs30th November – 1.30 to 2.30pm (Room ORYX 4)

PLENARY SESSIONS of the ICH NGO Forumdaily from 1-4 December – 1.30 to 2.30pm (Room ORYX 4)

SYMPOSIUM # Heritage ALIVE – 1st of December – 5.30 to 7.00pm (Room ORYX 4)

WORKING GROUPS (WG) – daily from 1-4 December (Room ORYX 4)

Several Working Groups are active:

  • Steering Committee
  • Heritage Alive
  • Towards an Inter-American and Carribean Articulation

+ Registration for Working Groups is desirable.

+ A detailed overview is available here (EnglishFrench)

+ The detailed time schedule will be announced during the 10.COM session.


The participants of the 1st International Conference of accredited ICH NGOs (held in Catalunya, 6-12 June 2015) worked for several days on a set of priorities and challenges for developing the international cooperation and activities of ICH NGOs and the ICH NGO Forum related to safeguarding ICH and the UNESCO 2003 Convention.

The resulting draft proposals and conclusions from this work, will be presented for development and adoption at the ICH NGO Forum Meeting at 10.COM in Namibia:

1. Proposal: Steering Committee for the ICH NGO Forum

2. The roles and functions of the Forum: Mission, vision, values statement ICH NGO Forum

3. Proposal: ICH NGO Forum contribution for Evaluation Body

A concise online report on the Conference is at your disposal here.

A more elaborate report of the Conference will be presented and distributed to the occasion of 10.COM in Namibia (with many thanks to the ENS)

# Heritage Alive: share your safeguarding experiences!

#Heritage Alive is one of the instruments of the ICH-NGO Forum to exchange safeguarding methodologies and practices. These methodologies could focus on ways of inventorying, concrete methodologies on issues connected with safeguarding, like for interesting involving new generations in the practice, ways of documenting skills, concrete projects connected with raising awareness. Contributions can be written in English or French. In this way the Heritage Alive Platform wants to create a database of interesting examples!Possible ideas and suggestions you can send to the editorial board #Heritage Alive!, att:  Eivind Falk .

We want all to learn more about critical factors, which can make a project a success or a failure. All of the NGOs accredited to the UNESCO convention are involved in projects connected with intangible heritage safeguarding and we want to stimulate discussion on the safeguarding practices. Therefore we would like to suggest to every NGO to select one of the success projects in which you were involved and tell us about these projects and how you went to about to achieve a specific goal, addressing a specific challenge. Be as concrete as possible, describe the project in all its concrete components and tell us something about the results. The articles need not be very long, 2000 words are sufficient. They can be in English or French. In this way the Heritage Alive Platform wants to create a database of interesting examples, for us all to read!

The deadline for submission of articles is: 15th of November. Questions can also be directed to Eivind Falk ( Two of the articles received from the NGOs will be picked as examples and used for common discussion in our workshop at the 10th COM in Namibia.

 Development of the ICH NGO Forum Structure and Work

Proposal: Steering Committee for the ICH NGO Forum – to be adopted at 10.COM

One of the important results of the 1st International Conference of accredited ICH NGOs (June 2015) concerns the organizational structure of the Forum.

A proposal has been developed to establish a Steering Committee for the Forum. In this Steering Committee the aim is to have a group of (7 to 9) people from active accredited ICH NGOs that are willing to actively take the Forum forward in the coming years in the roles and functions as supported by the broader group of ICH NGOs taking part in the Forum’ activities and network worldwide.

Steering group members should:

  • be member of an accredited ICH NGO
  • as a person be appointed to represent this NGO (by your organization)
  • have availability, skills and experience within the 2003 Convention
  • have been actively involved in the past in the ICH NGO Forum’s activities
  • be able to engage to be present twice a year to attend the meetings
  • reflect efforts for diversity in geography, gender as well as within the ICH themes/expertises.

Become acquainted with the proposed 1st ICH NGO FORUM Steering Committee – for adoption on the General Meeting of the ICH NGO Forum 29th of November in Namibia:

  • Carmen Padilla (IOV/ international / Asia)
  • Ananya Bhattacharya ( / India / Asia)
  • Ki Léonce (Asama/ Burkina Faso/ Africa)
  • Diego Gradis (Traditions pour demain /international / Latin America)
  • Antoine Gauthier (CQPV Conseil Québecois du Patrimoine Vivant/ Northern Americas)
  • Magdalena Tovornik (CIOFF / international/ E-Europe)
  • Jorijn Neyrinck (Tapis Plein / NW-Europe)
  • 8th member (to be confirmed)
  • Gabriele Desiderio (UNPLI / Italy) remains active as Webmaster of the ICH NGO Forum
  • Eivind Falk (NHU / Norway) continues to coordinate activities for #Heritage Alive

Download here the CV of the Steering Committee.


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