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The ARCH: a network on safeguarding of rare crafts

By April 9, 2024No Comments

The ARCH (Alliance for Rare Crafts Heritage) is a global network dedicated to safeguarding endangered crafts. 

This network aim to preserve, enhance and revive crafts heritage, empower artisans, and promote sustainable craft practices that shape a vibrant and diverse future.

Collaborating across borders, we foster a vibrant global network committed to the endangered crafts movement, pooling knowledge and resources, creating synergies and amplifying the impact of our work.

The ARCH partners bring together knowledge and networks in a Think Tank related to rare crafts. The ARCH advocates for supporting and safeguarding crafts heritage. The ARCH also serves as a platform to initiate collaborative interventions that enhance and preserve traditional knowledge and techniques across borders, harnessing rare crafts, know-how and skills.

An open info session is scheduled on April 11 at 6 pm CEST: register here.

For further information visit their Linkedin group.