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The INATEL Foundation is a Portuguese organization that works in all areas of leisure, namely Culture, Sports and Tourism. This 83-year-old organization has 16 hotels, 2 campsites, 23 INATEL local units throughout the country, is a travel agency in the area of social and cultural tourism, holds a Theater in the center of Lisbon, several sports parks all over the country. Our main objective is to work for active and retired workers, guaranteeing that they can enjoy in their free time quality activities and at affordable or free prices. The INATEL Foundation develops activities in the leisure area for active and retired workers.Tourism – All tourism programs of the INATEL Foundation are of social scope at affordable prices. We also work for small groups in the area of cultural tourism, giving festivities, rituals, craftsmen and stimulating local economies. We also have several state-funded programs for the elderly, people with special needs and still Portuguese emigrants with low financial conditions who have not visited the country for more than 20 years.
Sports – We work with more than 1000 associations in the area of amateur deport and in the most diverse modalities, joint or individual, promoting the conviviality and the healthy competition. Culture – We work with about 3000 associations in the most diverse areas namely Theater, Music, Ethnography, Cinema and Audiovisual. Of these more than 2000 they are dedicated to the promotion of popular and traditional cultures. The INATEL Foundation develops and produces, throughout the country, more than 400 activities in which these associations participated by making their work known. We also promote various courses and workshops in the areas of traditional instruments, plastic arts and traditional crafts for hundreds of trainees throughout the country. We support more than 500 activities developed by non-profit associations in various areas, namely in the area of intangible cultural heritage. We have edited and supported several publications in the area of material and immaterial heritage, we have also have an important documentary archive of the history of Portugal from 1935, as well as a Library specialized in the field of traditional and popular culture.

Year of accreditation: 2010

Domain(s): (a) oral traditions and expressions, including language as a vehicle of the intangible cultural heritage;
(b) performing arts;
(c) social practices, rituals and festive events;
(d) knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe;
(e) traditional craftsmanship.

Main Safeguarding measures: a) identification, documentation; b) preservation, protection; c) promotion, enhancement; d) transmission, (non-) formal education; e) revitalization

  • Several Festival and more than 400 activities all over the country.
  • Editions and support to new editions
  • Support to more than 500 cultural ativities of non profit associations
  • Presides CIOFF(r) Portugal, National Section of CIOFF, International Council of Organizers of Folklore Festivals
  • Integrates the Work Group of the National Unesco Comission in ICH
  • Integrates the Consultive Cultural Council of National Unesco Comission

Main countries where the NGO works: Portugal

Local, national or international level of the NGO: National


Year of accreditation: 2010
Main country where the NGO works: Portugal
Social: Facebook
Address: Calçada de Sant’Ana, 180 - 1169-062 Lisboa - Portugal
Telephone: Tel 00351210027000 - 00351210021010
Responsible NGO: Carla Raposeira -

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