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Newsletter ICH NGO Forum – December 2015

By December 22, 2015No Comments
Dear colleagues and friends,We are happy to bring an update from the ICH NGO Forum.
Dozens of ICH NGOs met earlier this month to the occasion of the
Intergovernmental Committee Meeting of the UNESCO 2003 Convention, taking place this year 2015 in Windhoek (Namibia) from 30th of November to 4th of December. It was a week full of intense meetings, debates and fruitful cooperation. Considerable progress has been made in being present in the IGC meetings and contributing to the debates and substantial reflections on the 10COM agenda. In this newsletter, we offer a short brief and overview of the proceedings:
The legacy of the 2015 ICH NGO Forum Symposium, resulting into action proposals for NGOS as well as into concrete formulations that induced into decisions on the 10COM agenda on Ethics (decisions ITH 15a, annex Ethical Principles for Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage; new developments and working Groups in the ICH NGO Forum to which you can join in international NGO collaboration; the advancement in the overall organization and steering of the ICH NGO Forum’s work).This information brief reaches out to the worldwide growing network of people and organizations following our NGOs work on the ICH Convention, counting more than 750 subscriptions already!
Kind regards
And wishing you all a wonderful end of the year 2015
The ICH NGO Forum Steering Committee
Jorijn Neyrinck, Diego Gradis, Ananya Bhattacharya, Antoine Gauthier, Carmen D. Padilla, Ki Léonce, Joanne Orr, Magdalena Tovornik
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