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CCFU_Elder - Youth

From elders to young people! Learning traditional dances at Mother Thereza School, Adjumani, Uganda

CCFU is a non-governmental organisation established in 2005 on the premise that culture is not sufficiently taken into account in development work and that, as a result, many development initiatives are not sustained because they tend to depend on external thinking and resources. CCFU exists to promote the recognition of culture as vital for human development that responds to our national identity and diversity, through the following objectives:

a)    To promote culture as a resource for development thinking and practice through research, documentation and training

b)    To promote and preserve cultural heritage through support to community initiatives and education.

c)     To enhance an appreciation of cultural diversity and identity as a source of knowledge and social cohesion.

CCFU is an accredited NGO to the UNESCO Inter-governmental Committee for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage and is a member of the International National Trust Organisation (INTO).

Year of accreditation: 2012

Main Domain(s): (a) oral traditions and expressions, including language as a vehicle of the intangible cultural heritage;
(c) social practices, rituals and festive events; 
(d) knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe.

Main Safeguarding measures: a) identification, documentation, research (including inventory-making); c) promotion, enhancement; d) transmission, (non-) formal education;  f) Others – Traditional knowledge and practice in relation to development and good governance

CCFU_Drawing on Culture to fight HIV

Drawing on Culture to fight HIV

a) The Foundation has documented Uganda’s intangible cultural heritage in a number of areas. CCFU has published case studies that explore culture in relation to Governance, Cultural Institutions, Languages, HIV/AIDS, Education, Gender, Social Protection, Herbal Medicine and Economic relevance. Our publications can be accessed on-line.

b) CCFU works to promote the cultural rights of all communities, especially those of indigenous minority groups. It recently supported their efforts to preserve and promote their orthography and creative literature, resulting in “Speaking out!”, a publication which present a rich mix of creative contributions from 13 different minority groups (click here)

c) CCFU supports more than 80 cultural heritage clubs in Uganda’s secondary schools through the Heritage Education Programme. Out of the classroom, young people learn about their culture and heritage. Schools are linked to community museums as points of reference on cultural heritage and through CCFU’s work with the National Curriculum Development Centre, culture has been incorporated in the new secondary schools curriculum to be rolled out in 2017.

CCFU also delivers an intensive training cycle which provides knowledge on cultural concepts and approaches, and tests culture-specific field tools and cultural analysis frameworks. A “Culture in Development” training guide for development practitioners has been developed to this effect.

f) In line with CCFU’s objective to promote cultural rights, governance and managing diversity, CCFU has been involved in examining and documenting the relevance of traditional cultural governance systems in development processes. Many of these involve interactions with Cultural Leaders. These interactions included facilitating the development of a Uganda clan leaders’ charter, inter-cultural dialogues in the Rwenzori region and a a statement by the nation’s cultural leaders on their aspirations and expectations in the coming 5 years.

Main countries where the NGO works: Uganda

Local, national or international level of the NGO: National

CCFU_Cultural leaders launching their Statement

Cultural leaders launching the Cultural Institutions’ Statement on their expectations and aspirations for the period 2016-2020



Year of accreditation: 2012
Main country where the NGO works: Uganda
Social: Facebook - Twitter
Address: Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda P.O. Box 25517 Kampala, Uganda
Telephone: Tel. +256 (0) 393 294 675
Responsible NGO: John De Coninck


  • Dave says:

    Where exactly are u found(location) in uganda. Thanks for the great work.

  • Training of Rural Women in Uganda [TORUWU]
    Dear Friends at Cross Cultural Foundation .
    Thanks a lot for promoting culture in our Country Uganda through your different projects.
    We are an NGO found in kikajjo village,nsangi sub county,wakiso district of Uganda empowering; Women,Youths and children through our several programs/projects to include; Brass Band and Cultural music for the Youths.
    Kindly we are request to be part of your Programs .
    Kindly View our Website; http://WWW.TORUWU.ORG.
    Augustine Yiga.

    • Aliguma says:

      Dear Augustine,

      Greetings from the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda (CCFU) and thank
      you for contacting us!

      As you may have read on our website (, CCFU is dedicated to promoting the
      recognition of culture as vital for human development that responds to our identity and diversity. One of our main programmes focuses on Heritage preservation and development where we work with local initiatives to preserve and protect important aspects of our heritage.

      We urge you to visit our website for detailed information on our work and let us know which areas may be of potential interest and collaboration with you.

      Where as CCFU is not primarily a funding organization, we will look you up should we have a project directly linked to your work.


      Aliguma Ahabyona

  • Thanks for the work your doing in preserving our heritage and culture
    Am a member of organization called
    Bunyoro Kitara National forum(Bukinf)
    We are organizing Cultural event show at Uganda museum in the forth coming months ahead. How best can we work with you people.
    We are looking into visiting your office very soon thanks

    • Dear Barongo Godfrey Masengere, CCFU has worked with the Cultural Institution in Bunyoro and other partners and we have in the past organised (or supported cultural events).
      Kindly visit our offices for a discussion.


    Good afternoon CCFU
    This NSHAWA a local organization in Namutumba district, eastern Uganda
    our major activities re; livelihood, SRH with emphasis to prevention of HIV/AIDS
    our target group is: youth both at school and out of school, women
    operational area; Namutumba district

    we seek partnering with you in activities implementation and documentary sharing
    contact person Nkenga Sam Nathan – Programmes coordinator

  • Rosem Morton says:

    To whom it may concern,
    My name is Rosem, a nurse and photographer from the United States. I saw your article on Promoting Herbal Medicine in Uganda. I was wondering if I can be in touch with Hajji Zakariya Nyanzi. I am currently pursuing a traditional health story in Uganda that may be published internationally for better awareness on the combination of traditional and western medicine. Thank you very much.

  • Itaagi Jabetb says:

    Dear sir, am from Kiryandongo district where as you. Know we are multiethnic tribe close to 80 so far but the communities are being set on fire all the time by those who think that the non indigenous shouldn’t. stay around . I have come up with project. That am sure could help the population. To live in good social cohesion,despite their social cultural diversity.
    when I came across your business card, I thought. I could. Contact you so that we could sit together and de develop a platform. to address this omending programmes

  • Ateker Cultural Center,Karamoja says:

    Dear ,
    i would like to appreciate your continued works on promoting our cultural heritage in our country ,”if we can not stand to preserve whats left in our culture, then no one will do” .
    its against this back ground that Ateker cultural center, in Karamoja Moroto , a women and youth cultural organizations would love to join hands with you in this journey.
    Ateker Cultural Center Karamoja (ACCK) was founded and registered in Moroto, Uganda. ACCK is committed to broadcasting the Original Heritage of Ateker communities in the Horn of Africa among the Karamojong of Uganda,its neighbours and across borders.
    Our focus activities.
    are on promoting Socio-Cultural activities, art galleries, Exhibitions of artifacts and the Museum ; Conducting of excursions, advertising and recreational activities such as dances, food festivals, traditional events, film/photography, Museums, Historical sites, Cultural festivals and cultural experience.

    The center so far interacts with local and international visitors on learning more about the cultural heritage ,
    our project though without external support has risen to recognition both at district and national level, through partnership programs. ACCK as been featured on https:// and Karamoja youth rallied to embrace their culture-New vision.

    Kindly contact the director : Hannah Longole/Founder at
    Ateker cultural center,Karamoja po Box 58,Moroto ,Uganda
    on phone +256(0)789515854 or 0752597745

  • Namukasa Milly says:

    I am one of the 12 winners of the 2012 national competition. I rilly had a great experience with you. I would rilly love to volunteer with you.Is it possible?.

  • Namukasa Milly says:

    I am one of the winners of 2012 national competition. I had a great experience with you. I would love to volunteer with you, could it be possible?

  • Too-lit Robert Kitara says:

    Good morning!

    To CCFU management,

    I am Too-lit P’Kitara, a poet and writer with Northern Uganda Writers’ Forum. Following for years now your initiatives on our cultural heritage has pulled my ears always to listen more to your radio talk shows especially in Acoli sub-region where I am a born. I would like to acknowledge and appreciate your efforts and also urge you to collaborate with writers to ensure that all that the elders air out on radio talk shows can be transformed into better literature for generational consumption and preservation. Personally and as Northern Uganda Writers’ Forum (NUWFO), we are campaigning and championing for u restoration and preservation of our heritage in better lasting forms such as literature and art especially for Acoli heritage where the forum originate and later we can extend further to our heritage. I would like to work with CCFFU where possible.
    Please for any further connections link up with me through
    Too-lit P’Kitara

    Kind regards.

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