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Main areas of work:
– Safeguarding diverse ICH traditions, with main focus on crafts, on the national level;
– Stimulation and development of the research activities in different field of cultural heritage and cultural industries on national level;
– Raising awareness on the role of culture and cultural heritage as a driver for sustainable social and economic development on national and international level;
– Supporting of policy development in the field of CH and CI;
– Stimulation international cooperation in the field of CH and CI

Year of accreditation: 2018

Domain: traditional craftsmanship

Main country where the NGO works: Georgia

Local, national or international level of the NGO: National


Year of accreditation: 2018
Main country where the NGO works: Georgia
Social: Facebook
Address: 7, Niko Nikoladze str, Tbilisi, N/A 0108, Georgia
Telephone: 995599506448
Responsible NGO: Tamar Kiknadze - GACC@GACCGEORGIA.ORG