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The mission and vision of ACRI is to recreate, revitalize and promote African culture by identifying viable indigenous cultural patrimony for incorporation in articulating the importance of the socio-cultural identities of the human society and promoting sustainable development within the prospects of the emerging global civilization.

ACRI has been involved in different types of cultural research, writing publications, production of audio-visual materials, hosting conferences with partners e.g. sculpture symposiums, campaign for culture conferences, training workshops for county governments in Kenya, holding performing arts events.
The current strategy of our activities since 2018 has been integrating youth and ICT technologies in all our projects to encourage youth interest and participation in cultural heritage projects thus having a positive impact on cultural transmission.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic period, we have held safe hybrid outdoor music events finding a way for artists to be economically empowered through use of technology. We have also been initiating joint online cultural music festival events with different countries globally. Currently, we have begun developing a creative and cultural hub on 2 acres in an urban location to support and grow the creative cultural activities of the youth into successful global careers.

Year of Accreditation: 2009

Main domain of NGO activities: oral traditions and expressions; performing arts; social practices, rituals and festive events; traditional craftsmanship.

Main country where NGO works: Kenya

Local, National, International: National


Year of accreditation: 2009
Main country where the NGO works: Kenya
Social: Facebook - Twitter
Address: 18062-00100, Nairobi Kenya
Telephone: Tel. +254-733-748411 +254-722-316250
Responsible NGO: Easter Combine -

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