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An online dossier on ICH and Sustainable Tourism: share your experiences!

By May 2, 2022No Comments

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The ICH NGO Forum of accredited NGOs under the UNESCO 2003 Convention is currently elaborating the contents for an online webdossier providing guidance and resources about intangible cultural heritage and sustainable tourism.

A fine balance between tourism and ICH is critical to the sustainability and safeguarding of not only the ICH element but also the welfare of the community involved and those who identify with it in the present day.

To illustrate and understand how it plays out in practice, we are inviting practical examples of (not only good, but also bad) experiences from accredited NGOs and other stakeholders working on the ground in the sustainable ICH tourism sector.

These case studies are envisioned to encourage cultural and tourism professionals and ICH community bearers to think critically, learn from the mistakes made before and serve as inspiration.

Please get in touch with us via this form and make your work known to a wide network of professionals in the field.

Go to the form.