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We kindly invite you to share practical examples of (not only good but also bad) experiences from accredited NGOs and other stakeholders working in the ICH and (sustainable) tourism field through this survey.

These experiences will feed into the upcoming web dossier of the ICH NGO Forum on the subject of ICH and sustainable tourism.

They will inspire good practices or act as case studies to learn from mistakes made in the past. They will also encourage cultural and tourism professionals and community bearers to think critically in their future endeavors.

Please get in touch with us via the form provided below. Thanks a lot for your contribution!

The deadline to fill out the form is May 16, 2022.

ICH NGO FORUM - ICH and Sustainable Tourism

    1. General info

  • 2. Can you provide examples from your work or experience in relation to the following specific aspects?

  • 3. ICH Tourism and the pandemic

  • 4. Lessons learned from promoting tourism destinations, services or products developed around ICH elements

  • If you selected "Yes" please elaborate
  • 4.2. Please share any additional advice or practical experiences (good or bad) involving the promotion of ICH elements through tourism activities which you think the wider international community might benefit from.

  • 5. Comments or suggestions