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Nordic-Baltic ICH network: Experiences with National Inventories on 16 February

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The aim of the Nordic-Baltic ICH network is to share good practices and methodology on safeguarding intangible cultural heritage (ICH) in Nordic and Baltic countries. The network emphasizes community involvement and is open for all stakeholders working in the spirit of the UNESCO Convention for Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Network’s activities include organizing seminars, webinars, meetings, expert exchange and raising awareness on ICH in the region.

The theme suggested by network members will be to explore the different national inventories.
The webinar that is open for all.

The secretary of the 2003 Convention, Tim Curtis, will give an introductory to the theme before we will hear short presentations on different national inventories. We will discuss in smaller groups how national inventories can be tools for community-based safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage. Bring your own perspective to the discussion, e.g. representativeness, good examples, threatened elements, minorities etc. A panel will reflect on the future possibilities of the national inventories as tool for safeguarding intangible cultural heritage. In addition, it will be given information from the committee.
Please find the technical details of how to join the meeting below.

(times in UTC+1; Oslo/Stockholm)

12:30 The room is open for presenters

12:50 The room is open for all to join the meeting and test your technical details

13:00 Welcome and general information by Mr. Matti Hakamäki, chairperson of the committee

13:10 Introduction to Inventorying Intangible Cultural Heritage, Mr. Tim Curtis, Secretary of the 2003  Convention

13:20 Short presentations of the National Inventories of State Parties:

  • Estonia, Ms. Epp Tamm / Ms. Leelo Viita, Estonian Centre of Folk Culture
  • Finland, Ms. Leena Marsio, Finnish Heritage Agency
  • Greenland, Ms. Kirstine Møller, Greenland’s National Museum and Archive

13:50 Break

14:00 Continued presentations:

  • Latvia, Ms. Gita Lancere, Lativan National Centre for Culture
  • Lithuania, Ms. Skirmantė Ramoškaitė, the Lithuanian National Culture Centre
  • Norway, Ms. Hildegunn Bjørgen, Arts Council Norway
  • Sweden, Ms. Annika Nordström, Institute for Language and Folklore
  • Åland, Mr. Staffan Beijar, Ålands museum

14:50 Group discussions: In your perspective, how can national inventories be good tools for community-based safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage?

15:10 Plenum summing up the discussions

15:20 Panel: What might be the future potential for national inventories as tools for safeguarding intangible cultural heritage? Chair Mr. Eivind Falk

15:50 The future of the network

16:00 End

How to join the webinar
Meeting ID:
Password: 856 4690 7193
Host of the meeting: Matti Hakamäki
Link for streaming of the event:
When you enter the seminar, please give the meeting ID number and give your full name and affiliation, select video and click “join”. You will enter a waiting room where the host admits you to the meeting.
The first 100 participants will be able to join the seminar.

How to participate in the seminar
During presentations, all participants are asked to turn off their sound and video. There is time scheduled for questions in the program. You are welcome to share comments or ask questions any time on the chat, or by clicking “Raise Hand” in the Webinar Controls. The meeting chair leads the discussion. Breakout rooms will be used for the participants to meet in smaller groups for discussions.


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