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ICH and e-ARCHIVES: a call for papers, videos and e-exhibitions

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MEMORIAMEDIA (MI/IELT) has a peer reviewed e-journal dedicated to promote, communicate and document projects, studies and archives of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH). Authors are now invited to submit unpublished papers, videos or e-exhibitions about all the domains of ICH: oral traditions, performative practices, celebrations, traditional craftsmanship and knowledge concerning nature and the universe.

The e-journal will be written and subtitled in English and Portuguese. MEMORIAMEDIA can finance the translation of the contents selected for publication (from Portuguese to English or vice versa).

Important dates:

Deadline for submission – 30th April 2017

Publication – 31th July 2017

Specific areas of interests include (but are not limited to) the following topics:

• e-Archives, e-inventories, e-repositories and e-exhibitions of intangible cultural heritage (and associated heritage – tangible and natural);

• Community involvement in safeguarding ICH – e-archives, types of participation and interaction;

• Intangible cultural heritage, e-archives and sustainable development;

• Open access to digital cultural heritage;

• Sharing and exchange of research data;

• Aggregators of digitised ICH within the European and global digital environment;

• Use, efficiency and design of interfaces for websites and applications about ICH;

• Digital storytelling, memory and oral history in e-archives of cultural heritage;

• Issues of the protection of intellectual property and rights in digital content and e-archives.

All papers, videos and e-exhibitions will be peer-reviewed by editors and 2 members of the editorial council. Editors can request the opinion of peer-reviews that constitute an ad hoc list.

All submissions are reviewed on the basis of relevance, originality and clarity.

Paper types:

• About 2500 words (5-7 pages);

• Word file (.doc, .docx) or Plain text (.txt) – up to 4MB;

• The paper must be written in English or Portuguese.

Videos and e-Exhibitions:

• Communications/demonstrations of a digital content management system, digital archives, libraries and repositories preserving ICH or Oral History;

• Up to 10 minutes’ video;

• Link to the video with access reserved – YouTube or Vimeo. For e-exhibitions: link to video; Power Point file (. ppt, .pptx) or other format for editors’ consideration – up to 4MB;

• The video and e-exhibition must be subtitled/written in Portuguese or English – Up to 2500 words in subtitles Word file (.doc, .docx) or Plain text (.txt).


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