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Biennial Conference of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies (ACHS): call for participation

By June 21, 20192 Comments

The Fifth Biennial Conference of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies (ACHS) will be held at University College London in the Summer of 2020 (from 26 to 30 August).

The conference’s theme – Futures – aims to engage seriously and critically with the often stated aims of heritage to address the concerns of future generations, whilst also asking participants to think expansively and creatively about the future of critical heritage studies as an emergent field of focus across a range of academic disciplines.

The local conference organising committee has identified a series of sub-themes which will represent distinct threads through the conference, and session organisers and paper proposers are asked to select one of these sub-themes when they submit their proposals.


  • Arts and Creative Practice
  • Future Policies and Politics of Heritage
  • Environmental Change and the Anthropocene
  • Digital Futures in and for Heritage
  • Folklore and Intangible Cultural Heritages
  • Heritage and Foodways
  • Conflict heritage and conflicted heritages
  • Urban heritage futures
  • Future Methods and Approaches to Critical Heritage Studies
  • Future Landscapes of Heritage
  • The Future Museum: Collections and Collecting
  • Heritage and time
  • The Futures of Heritage
  • Mobilities and Migration
  • Open Sub-theme

Organised by the UCL Institute of Archaeology in association with the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Heritage Priority Area and the Association of Critical Heritage Studies. For further information visit the conference’s website.



  • We would love to participate and contribute during this opportunities .
    Kindly contact our Director/Founder: Hannah Longole
    at Ateker Cultural Center ,Karamoja P.O Box 58,Moroto,Uganda phone:+256(0)789515854 .
    Below is detailed information concerning our cultural Initiative in Africa.

    Ateker Cultural Center Karamoja (ACCK) was upgraded to a local indigenous cultural organization in January 2018. It was founded and registered in Moroto, Uganda. ACCK is committed to broadcasting the Original Heritage of Ateker communities in the Horn of Africa among the Karamojong of Uganda, Turkana of Kenya, Toposa of South Sudan, Nyangatom of Ethiopia and other interested pastoral groups in Africa. The work of ACCK is focused on promoting the sharing and celebration the pastoralist’s traditional values and cultures. It is focused on Undertaking Media and Advocacy, ensuring sustainable use of natural resources, Socio-Cultural activities, art galleries, Exhibitions and the Museum ; Conducting of excursions, advertising and recreational activities such as dances, food festivals, traditional events, film/photography, Museums, Historical sites, Cultural festivals and cultural experience.
    Since its formation and Subsequent registration in Moroto District in Karamoja Uganda, ACCK has been consulting the communities, local leaders and the sub county/ district administration on strengthening cultural institutions and creating a conducive to support communal resource sharing and cross-border relations through supporting documentation and participation. The success so far has been documentation and filming at the annual cultural events/ exhibitions and setting up a functional cultural Centre in Moroto Town.
    ACCK Karamoja Vision
    A Vibrant center preserving, nurturing, celebrating and promoting the culture, pastoralists’ heritage, Livelihoods, Languages, History and harmonious living of all ATEKER people groups in the East and Horn of Africa through various organized and accepted communication channels.
    ACCK Karamoja Mission
    To work with all people groups of ATEKER in partnership with, modern and traditional institutions to reduce and eliminate all forms of territorial barriers, discrimination, security threats to enable ATEKER people groups to celebrate, build and share their cultural heritage and resources to enable them grow into a united, and progressive people group for improved peace and security within Uganda and the East African borders
    ACCK driven by its mission will seek to promote culture and dignity through dialogue whilst promoting sustainable use of shared resources for improvement of lives and livelihoods
    The challenge is that ACCK has insufficient resources; a part from members own contributions ACCK has not mobilized any donation to support these overwhelming initiatives. The Center has put in place internal control mechanisms that demonstrates value for money for members generated resources
    ACCK commits itself to employment of locally available human resources especially Women and Youth. The organization will give opportunity especially women and youth to exercise their talents, gain life skills and contributing to their communities.

  • Kindly send me further details and add me to your mailing list.

    Dr.Avkash Jadhav
    Head and Associate Prof
    Department of History
    University of Mumbai
    St.Xavier’s College
    Mumbai. India

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