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Call for paper: sense or non-sense of costumes in circus arts, presence or absence of costume design in contemporary circus

By September 2, 2019September 13th, 2019No Comments

What is the importance of costume design in the creation of a circus production? Nothing is more iconic than traditional circus costumes. But much has changed since the heydays of classical circus. From rejection of this colorful and glamorous heritage costume design has seriously evolved from neutral colors to plain clothes or even training gear to distinguish itself from the glittering sequins and skinny leotards.

Where do we stand now in this rich and fascinating history of costume development in contemporary circus? What are the implications of designing for circus, the limits a designer stumbles on in designing for circus? How can textile innovation influence costume design, and how can this push the limits of circus techniques?

Many questions that can be tackled during our first CARP Morning seminar in Ghent, Belgium.

Please send your propositions (max. 300 words + short bio) to before the 15th of October 2019.

The call is open to all researchers over the world.

Places for presenting are limited, max. 2 contributions will be presented (max. 20 min. in English), but all papers will be considered by the CARP scientific board to be published on CARP journal online.

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