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Call: Messages to the UNESCO 2003 Convention

By September 25, 2023October 23rd, 2023No Comments
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Celebrating 20 years of safeguarding living heritage together, reflecting on the road traveled and the way forward

Deadline: 29 October 2023

The year 2023 marks the 20th anniversary of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Through its anniversary campaign ‘We Are #LivingHeritage’ and the anniversary website, UNESCO invites all stakeholders to reflect on the role of the Convention in raising awareness about the diversity and richness of intangible cultural heritage and in fostering international cooperation.

The Research Working Group of the ICH NGO Forum is eager to contribute to this celebration of the anniversary, and reflect on the future of our joint efforts as NGOs and other actors working with communities, groups and individuals in safeguarding living heritage with the 2003 Convention.
To feed into the reflection, a special publication will be dedicated to the anniversary of the Convention in 2023, under the theme:

MESSAGES to the UNESCO 2003 Convention
Celebrating 20 years of safeguarding living heritage together, reflecting on the road traveled and the way forward

The publication of all messages will be presented to the occasion of this year’s 18COM meeting of the Convention in Botswana.

This is an open invitation & call to all stakeholders and networks safeguarding ICH in the Spirit of the convention to contribute to this reflection.

Share your MESSAGE, with your thoughts and proposals by sending your contribution before 22 October 2023 to

In the spirit of the Convention, your message can take various forms:

(for example)

a letter
  • a video
  • a drawing
  • a song
  • a poem
  • a crafted creation
  • or any other form that feels right to you to express your reflections.

Your contributions will also feed into an overall reflection by the ICH NGO Forum’s Research Working Group on the messages received.

To give your thoughts direction, you can possibly consider these 5 questions looking at the future of the Convention:

  1. Which major subjects, goals or ambitions do you hope to be developed by the Convention in the next 20 years?  (Select those you consider most important or vital for the future development of the Convention – max. 500 words)
  2. Which challenges, issues and problems of the 2003 Convention do you consider crucial to be tackled, solved or overcome in the next decade?
  3. What should be the role of the NGOs in general, and of the ICH NGO Forum, in the implementation of the Convention in the next 10 years?
  4. Which are the main activities/projects your organization is going to undertake in the next 10 years in the framework of the Convention, and how would this contribute to the previous questions?
  5. What successes/achievements would like to celebrate and share that you have experienced or witnessed as a result of your State/Community/NGO engaging with this Convention?

Considering the nature of this publication with numerous ‘Messages’ from a range of stakeholders, we propose to keep the contributions limited in length (number of words or pages), for written texts for example max. 2,500 words, or 2-3 A4 pages for items that are not full blocks of text.

When sending your contribution, thank you for including the following information in your email to us:

  • Name
  • Organization/institution (if applicable)
  • Country (if applicable)
  • Role in relation to the 2003 Convention
  • Optional: You may also include up to 50 words to describe or contextualise your contribution (for example a brief explanation if it is a photo or illustration).


Deadline: 29 October 2023

Valentina Zingari Lapiccirella, Martín Andrade Pérez, Jorijn Neyrinck, Bachirou Njoya, Carley Williams, Meeza Ubaid, Jana Ambrózová
for the ICH NGO Forum Research Working Group – 20th Anniversary celebration