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Call for Applications for Funding to Accredited NGOs in Situations of Crises

By August 4, 2023August 7th, 2023No Comments

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The ICH NGO Forum launched a fundraising campaign last year to assist accredited ICH NGOs  (ANGOs) impacted by emergency situations. A growing number of NGOs and communities are being struck by natural disasters, climate change (floods, cyclones, mud slides, heat waves, forest fires, drought), armed conflict (destruction of physical ICH spaces, mortality, forced migration, loss of ICH practices) and other crisis situations.  It appears to be increasingly certain these situations will increase over time.

Thanks to generous donors, the Forum’s Fundraising Committee is pleased to announce that it will provide two donations of up to 500 euros each this year to ANGOs impacted by natural disasters and armed conflict to assist them in their recovery.  Accredited NGOs located in any country in the world experiencing situations of crisis are eligible to apply. The range of situations defined as emergency are defined following from Article 50 of the Operational Directives of the 2003 Convention on disaster response and applied to NGOs.  An emergency shall be considered to exist when an NGO finds itself unable to overcome on its own any circumstance due to calamity, natural disaster, armed conflict, serious epidemic or any other natural or human event that has severe consequences for the intangible cultural heritage as well as communities, groups and, if applicable, individuals who are the bearers of that heritage.

The criteria for evaluation of applications are the following:

1) Applicants must be an NGO accredited to the ICH NGO Forum

2) The degree of need and urgency of the situation;

3) Demonstration that the NGO is experiencing substantial challenges in overcoming the impact of the crisis;

4)  The need for the funds and how they will be used.

Applications of 250 to 300 words, in English or French, responding to the above-mentioned criteria, should be sent by 31 August 2023 to: (Secretary of the Fundraising Committee). The donations will be made in September and announced to the public at the next Intergovernmental Committee meeting, 18.COM, in Kasane, Botswana between the 4th and 9th of December 2023.

Fundraising Committee

Tamara Nikolić Đerić, Association House of Batana (Croatia)

Sekou Berte, Mali Cultural Heritage Agency (Mali) (Chair)

Laurier Turgeon, Folklore Studies Association of Canada (Canada) (Secretary)

Martin Andrade Perez, Erigaie Foundation (Colombia) (Treasurer)

Mohamed Lemine Beidieu, Association mauritanienne pour la sauvegarde du partimoine culturel immatériel (Mauritania)