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Messages to the UNESCO 2003 Convention

Milivoj Pacenti – Istarski Pljočkarski Savez – Croatia

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Which major subjects, goals or ambitions do you hope to be developed by the Convention in the next 20  years?

✓ I believe that in the future, the Convention should pay more attention to nonprofit organizations and  NGOs as the bearers of cultural heritage, because they are the only ones who can guarantee the safeguard  and preservation of intangible cultural heritage, which should be the ultimate goal of preservation.

Which challenges, issues and problems of the 2003 Convention do you consider crucial to be tackled, solved  or overcome in the next decade?

✓ I hope to find an optimal solution that will ensure that NGO and nonprofit groups and individuals,  cultural heritage holders, do quality and continuous work on cultural heritage safeguarding..

What should be the role of the NGOs in general, and of the ICH NGO Forum, in the implementation of the  Convention in the next 10 years?

✓ NGOs, as nonprofit organizations, should become the true bearers of intangible cultural heritage so  that the heritage achieves its final goal of remaining a living heritage.

Which are the main activities/projects your organization is going to undertake in the next 10 years in the  framework of the Convention, and how would this contribute to the previous questions?

✓ Work on the creation and planning of areas dedicated to cultural heritage so that they become spaces  where cultural heritage is part of local community life.

What successes/achievements would you like to celebrate and share that you have experienced or witnessed as  a result of your State/Community/NGO engaging with this Convention?

✓ We would like to see spaces dedicated to the safeguarding and promotion of cultural heritage in  operation so that, in addition to serving to safeguard cultural heritage, they are also a space dedicated to  aggregation and development of the local community.

Photo: From one of the cultural heritage workshops that the IPS conducts in elementary school as part of the transfer of cultural heritage to the younger generation.

Milivoj Pacenti

Istarski Pljočkarski Savez – IPSCroatia
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