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SENA WANGI (Indonesian National Wayang Secretariat) is a social cultural organization established on 12 th August 1975. The organization is domiciled in Jakarta, with the basic task of coordinating activities for conservation and development of wayang and the art of puppet performances in Indonesia. SENA WANGI is the national secretariat of the wayang and puppetry art organizations. Its members are the various wayang and puppetry arts, artists and cultural experts as well as prominent members of the society. SENA WANGI is an independent and self-supporting social organization which is endeavoring to develop wayang to become of force in the field of national culture.

In its effort to conserve and develop wayang, the vision of SENA WANGI is the desire to make wayang one of the pillars of national culture. For this purpose, the art of wayang should become a vehicle and mouthpiece of culture in order to uplift the quality and standard of humanity.

Year of accreditation: 2008

Main domain(s) of the ngo’s activities: oral traditions and expressions, performing arts.

Main country where the NGO works: Indonesia

Local, national or international level of the NGO: National, International


Year of accreditation: 2008
Main country where the NGO works: Indonesia
Social: Facebook
Address: Jalan Raya Pintu I TMII Gedung Pewayangan Kautaman Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 13560 Indonesia
Telephone: 0622187799388
Responsible NGO: Wahyu Wulandari -

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