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The European Cultural Network for Development Cooperation is a Non Governmental Organization under French law. It is recognized as an association of international solidarity and an official UNESCO partner. It is also accredited to the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.


– Contribute to the promotion of cultural and artistic expressions and defend their diversity
– Advocate access to culture for all citizens
– Support the artists and craftspeople and defend their social and cultural rights
– Develop the values of a cultural economy and solidarity

Our action aims to strengthen the cultural dimension of development, preserving cultural diversity, strengthening the creative interaction between artists and artisans and demonstrating the contribution of culture to social and economic development. We strive for the establishment of a regulatory environment conducive to the recognition of the status of artists and artisans and to the implementation of cultural policies for development.

In order to promote crafts and know-how and to support their creators, we are implement various activities:

– Workshops for discussion and exchange between cultural actors, institutions and representatives of civil society
– Training sessions, in order to stimulate artisans’ creativity, improve the quality of their products and enhance their socio-economic development
– Exhibitions that valorize arts and crafts
– Awareness campaigns to stress the arts and crafts contribution to heritage
– Educational tools to support our advocacy action




Year of accreditation: 2009
Main country where the NGO works: International
Social: Facebook
Address: 8 rue Tiphaine - 75015 PARIS - France
Telephone: + 33 1 40560649 - 01 79756649
Responsible NGO: Lila Skarveli - Secretary General

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