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Weaveweave Association is a civil, non-governmental and non- profit organization located at the department of Magdalena, Colombian Atlantic Coast. Since our creation in 2005 we are committed with the strengthening of cultural heritage, preserving environment and sustainable development of the country´s rural and indigenous communities. We Provide services and consultancy for the implementation of projects, taking in consideration the communities’ interests. Our major work subjects are: traditional knowledge and production, environmental management, sacred and ritual sites, gastronomy, traditional healing practices, spirituality, arts and crafts considering all these issues with a holistic and interrelated approach. We aim to:

  • Strengthen cultural identity and traditional expressions of indigenous peoples and other social groups
  • Preserve the environment, fostering sustainable development, adaptation and mitigation of climate change
  • Supporting education, traditional knowledge transmission and leaders’ capacity building
  • Safeguard ICH

Year of accreditation: 2018

Main domain(s) of the ngo’s activities: oral traditions and expressions, performing arts, social practices, rituals and festive events, knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe, traditional craftsmanship

Main country where the NGO works: Colombia

Local, national or international level of the NGO: National


Year of accreditation: 2018
Main country where the NGO works: Colombia
Address: Carrera 2 No. 29 -144, Edificio Casa del Mar, Playa Salguero, Rodadero, Apt. 503, Santa Marta, Magdalena 470006, Colombia
Telephone: 3145889042
Responsible NGO: Cesar Rozo,