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Minutes from the #HeritageAlive Editorial board meeting

By December 2, 2022July 4th, 2023No Comments

November 29th, 2022 in Rabat, Rose garden at Sofitel hotel

Present: Antoine Gauthier, Rachel Gefferie, Ananya Bhattacharya, Laura Lopez, Vakil Jayaran, Hanhee Ham, Paulina Adamska, Eivind Falk

    1. Welcome / introduction

Eivind gave a short introduction to the #HeritageAlive history and concept for the new members of the Editorial Board

    1. Thursdays #HeritageAlive-symposium

We went through the program for Thursdays big event. We discussed possible changes, and ended up with this program:

    • Welcome, and a small introduction to #HeritageAlive
    • The Albert van der Zeiden Prize and the first winner
    • A status for our current publication on Storytelling to be presented at the 18.COM
    • Three of the authors present their articles on Storytelling (in this order)
        • Laura Lopez
        • Rachel Gefferie
        • Ananya Bhattacharaya
    • Information on current the status for the new #HeritageAlive website. The website is expected to be ready within first quarter 2023. Gabriele Desiderio and Michael Peterson from the board are working on this in order to find the best solution.
    • Suggestions for the next topic

Even if this is an early stage in front of our next publication (after storytelling) we got some suggestions which we debated. They were:

      • Basketry
      • ICH and Clima Change / ICH and UNs 17 goals for a sustainable development
      • Can crafts save the world?
      • Language as a vehicle for ICH
    • Translation
    1. Press release /pictures

As a part of the Albert van der Zeiden prize we have a press release. That will be published on the website after the ceremony. We encourage everyone to take some nice pictures and post them to

    1. An overview over the submitted articles

We went roughly through the list of 14 submitted articles for the next publication on Storytelling so far. We ended up with three clear no’s, which means we have 11 articles to work on, that is either yes or hope. 5 more articles are expected to arrive before Christnmas, which will be an absolute deadline.

    1. Pictures of the board

We took some nice pictures of the Editorial board 2022 present in Rabat.

    1. Other issues