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24th september 2021 – Living Heritage included in museums

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A pilot project on integrating living heritage in museum’s collection planning and management

For the past two years, Workshop Intangible Heritage (and partners) has worked together with a Learning Network of 25 Flemish national and regional museums to take the first steps into the integration of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) in collection and policy plans of Flemish museums in the pilot project ‘Plans for the future: ICH understood’.

The Conference marks the end of the project ‘ICH understood’, and the beginning of our continued journey of researching safeguarding ICH together with the Learning Network and other types of collection managing organizations.

During this online event, the results of the project will be shared with the broader, international cultural heritage sector, both in Flanders and in Europe (in English and in Dutch). Workshop Intangible Heritage, partners, living labs museums* and members of the Learning Network will share their experiences, knowledge gained and the next steps in the search for the integration of ICH in museum collection and policy plans.

The Conference will be held in English. Using this format, we want to share our experience with the international cultural heritage field.


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