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Messages to the UNESCO 2003 Convention

Joanne Orr – UNESCO ICH Global Facilitator – Scotland UK

By November 10, 2023December 3rd, 2023No Comments

The UNESCO 2003 Convention is in its twentieth year and is gaining traction and agency as the field of Intangible Cultural Heritage or living heritage, becomes increasingly internationally recognised. The safeguarding of our living heritage is imperative for all our shared futures. The traditional and indigenous knowledge, which is part of our living heritage, can help to provide insights and potential solutions to the challenges humanity and the planet’s faces.

The 2003 Convention is an international treaty and also a framework for raising awareness of this important living heritage.  It is a way of connecting practitioners and tradition bearers with the making of international policy to effect change and address global challenges such as climate change, social inequality and injustice, and the increasing levels of conflict and war. By making these connections and leveraging the power in living heritage through this Convention we have a better chance of being able to have a shared future.

Happy anniversary 2003 Convention, we have seen many changes and developments over the last twenty years, let us continue the journey together for many more years to come!

Joanne Orr
UNESCO ICH Global Facilitator
Scotland UK