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Elections 2021

The results of the ICH NGO Forum 2021 elections

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The Electoral Board wants to thank all the candidates who set up their candidature. It was great to meet so many interesting people and organizations who have dedicated their time to preserving and promoting intangible cultural heritage. I hope you continue your valuable work.

We wish good luck and lots of inspiring ideas to the new members of the ICH NGO Steering Committee!
The results of the ICH NGO Steering Committee elections (in bold are the names of the new committee members):

African region:

  • Sekou Berte, Mali Cultural Heritage Agency

Arab States Region:

  • Mohamed Mohamed Lemine Beidjeu, Association mauritanienne pour la sauvegarde du patrimoine culturel immatériel

Eastern European Region:

  • Fazil Gasimov, Ashiq Shamshir Cultural Center Public Union
  •  Stilyana Yorgova, National Section of CIOFF Bulgaria/International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Art
  • Tamara Nikolic Deric, Association House of Batana

Latin American and Carribean Region

(The winner was selected through a draw of lots): 

  • Claudia Hurtado, Crafts of Chile Foundation
  • Martín Andrade-Pérez, Erigaie Foundation
In the name of the the Electoral Board,
Monika Tomingas


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