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Elections 2021

The list of the ICH NGO Steering Commitee candidates

By December 12, 2021December 15th, 2021No Comments

African region:

  1. Sekou Berte, Mali Cultural Heritage Agency
Arab States region:
  1. Mohamed Mohamed Lemine Beidjeu, Association mauritanienne pour la sauvegarde du patrimoine culturel immatériel
Eastern European region:
  1. Fazil Gasimov, Ashiq Shamshir Cultural Center Public Union
  2. Stilyana Yorgova, National Section of CIOFF Bulgaria/International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Art
  3. Tamara Nikolic Deric, Association House of Batana
Latin American and Carribean region:
  1. Claudia Hurtado, Crafts of Chile Foundation
  2. Martín Andrade-Pérez, Erigaie Foundation



  • Here the documents of each candidate: ICH NGO Forum 2021 Elections 
  • 13 dec 2021 – Presentations of the candidates for the elections of new members in SC of ICHNGO FORUM:



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