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#HeritageAlive book launching on July 5th

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Welcome to #HeritageAlive book launching!

Live music – presentations -announcement of the next theme for #HeritageAlive!

Tuesday July 5th, after the GA. 18:30-20:00 in Room No.6

Traditional Musical Instruments
-Sharing experiences from the field

At this event we will present the book, Traditional Musical Instruments -Sharing experiences from the field. As a part of the event musicians will help us to get in the right mood and provide us with a taste of traditional musical instruments. The publication contains of wonderful contributions from fifteen writers, representing different NGOs, from countries across the globe. The authors describe the current status of traditional musical traditions and provide insight in safeguarding activities of these traditions in the spirit of the 2003 Convention. The main project has been to share safeguarding experiences, methodology and activities, among us who are working in the field, with the communities concerned, craftsmen, musicians, bearers and practitioners. You will also get a free sample of the book at the event. The publication is a result of the fruitful cooperation between the #HeritageAlive and ICHCAP.


We will also share a general introduction to the next #HeritageAlive projects and our exciting plans ahead!

Yours sincerely

Eivind Falk
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