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The ICH NGO Forum is the platform for communication, networking, exchange and cooperation for NGOs accredited by UNESCO to provide advisory services to the Intergovernmental Committee in the framework of the 2003 UNESCO Convention for the safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

NGOs are a pillar for the safeguarding of the World’s living traditions, together with the holders of these traditions and the States. The Forum also welcomes NGOs that  are active in the field of ICH and are in the process of accreditation.

The ICH NGO Forum organizes meetings and symposia on shared international challenges in the safeguarding policies and practices of ICH, and is particularly committed to follow the implementation and the evolution of the 2003 Convention. Periodic meetings take place simultaneously with the sessions of the Convention’s General Assembly (every two years in June) and of the Intergovernmental Committee (annually in December).

Here the page with all the documents produced by the ICH NGO FORUM (statements, reports and more).

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Archive of previous documents
Read here the previous documents related to the Steering Committee: from 2018 (english and french); from 2017 (english and french).

Composition of the Steering Committee 2019-2020

Africa: Mr. Butholezwe Kgosi NYATHI – Amagugu International Heritage Centre, (Zimbabwe) – amaguguheritage@gmail.com

Arab States: Ms. Reme Sakr – Syria Trust for Development (Syria) – R.sakr@syriatrust.sy

Asia and the Pacific: Mr. Dong Hwan Choi – CICS, Center for Intangible Cultural Studies (Republic of Korea) – dhchoi514@hotmail.com

Eastern Europe: Mr. Kaloyan Nikolov – EAFF, European Association of Folklore Festivals (Bulgaria) – kaloyanik@gmail.com

Latin America and the Caribbean: Mr. Jorge Gustavo Caicedo – La Enciclopedia del Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial / The Intangible Cultural Heritage Encyclopedia, (Mexico) – epci.ac@gmail.com

Western Europe and North America: Mrs Meg NÖMGÅRD – Berättarnätet Kronoberg/ The Storytelling Network of Kronoberg (Sweden) – meg.nomgard@sagobygden.se

International: Mrs Naila CERIBAŠIC – ICTM, International Council for Traditional Music – naila@ief.hr

From left to right: Meg Nömgård, Naila Ceribašic, Dong Hwan Choi, Jorge Gustavo Caicedo, Butholezwe Kgosi Nyathi, Reme Sakr, Kaloyan Nikolov.

Download the PDF file with a short bio of the members.



CONTACT for the ICH NGO Forum –  ichngoforum@gmail.com

CONTACT for the Website, Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter: Mr. Gabriele Desiderio news@ichngoforum.org


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