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This working group takes the reflections on ethical principles or guidelines for ICH NGO activities further to concrete proposals.
Responsible: Antoine Gauthier (

The Working Group on Ethics was established in 2015 in Windhoek (Namibia) to work, inter alia, on the proposal of 12 ethical principles for the safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage, which were endorsed by the Intergovernmental Committee and then by the General Assembly of the 2003 Convention. The working group then produced, notably, the “Declaration of the ICH NGO Forum in the Republic of Mauritius on Ethical Principles for the Safeguarding of ICH“, endorsed by the General Meeting of the Forum in 2018.

In view of the 14.COM session in Colombia, some members of the working group have collaborated to draft a proposal for the Code and Bylaws of a possible independent organization constituting the ICHNGO Forum (or of a collective of NGOs gathered around a society of good faith in the event that no new legal entity is created). This proposal will be discussed in plenary with all NGO members of the Forum.


October (2021)
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Report of the Ethics Working Group meeting held online on October 6, 2021 ICH NGO Forum – 

1. The group leader welcomes the participants, and presents a brief history of the work carried out over the past few years:
– Mini-colloquium on ethics on the proposal of 12 ethical principles for the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage;
– Intervention before the assembly and improvement of the Committee’s decision 10.COM/15.A in Namibia 2015;
– Conferences, information on ethical principles and discussions;
Declaration of the Forum of ICH NGOs in the Republic of Mauritius on ethical principles for the safeguarding of ICH;
– Drafting of a draft code of conduct proposal for the members of the ICH NGOForum steering committee (in progress);
– Collaboration in the drafting of the Bylaws of the Forum;
– Meeting around article 21 of the Bylaws.

Read the full report here.

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Compte rendu de la réunion du Groupe de travail sur l’éthique tenue en ligne le 6 octobre 2021, Forum des ONG du PCI

1. Le responsable du groupe souhaite la bienvenue aux participants. Il présente un bref historique du travail effectué depuis quelques années:
– Mini colloque sur l’éthique portant sur la proposition de 12 principes éthiques pour la sauvegarde du patrimoine culturel immatériel;
– Intervention devant l’assemblée et bonification de la décision du Comité 10.COM/15.A en Namibie 2015;
– Conférences, information sur les principes éthiques et discussions;
– Déclaration du Forum des ONG du PCI en République de Maurice relative aux principes éthiques pour la sauvegarde du PCI;
– Rédaction d’une ébauche de proposition de code de conduite pour les membres du comité de pilotage du Forum des ONG du PCI (en cours);
– Collaboration à la rédaction des Statuts du Forum;
– Réunion autour de l’article 21 desdits Statuts.

Lire le rapport complet ici.

December 2018

The Ethics Working Group will meet Thursday 7th of December 1.30 pm-2.30 pm in the NGO Forum Room – Samda hall (Mauritius), and is open for everybody to participate.
Dr. Marc Jacobs from the NGO FARO and the UNESCO Chair on ICH at Free University Brussels (Belgium), will present on ICH and Ethics.
We will also work on an international code of ethics proposal for NGOs working in the ICH field. Those interested in joining the Working Group, making an intervention during the meeting, or receiving in advance the proposed text of the code of ethics of the Forum (actually being translated towards English) are welcome to contact Mr. Antoine Gauthier at

December 2019

The meeting of the Ethics Working Group in Bogota (Colombia) will be held on Tuesday, December 10, from 18h to 19h30.

It is proposed to start thinking about policies, charters or regulations that can be used for the NGO Forum and/or serve as future tools for all accredited NGOs and Forum partners, for example:

  • Harassment Policy with Resolution Mechanism
  • Directors/Board members Integrity Policy (including some form to sign)
  • Free, prior, informed and sustainable consent forms
  • Environmental policy
  • Wage policy (?)