ICH NGOs & Research

The Working Group Research is meant to exchange ideas and practical challenges on specific subjects and to promote more cooperation between the intangible heritage workers in the field and the ICH Researchers of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies.

Contact: Albert van der Zeijden –  a.vanderzeijden@immaterieelerfgoed.nl

Members of the Working group Research: Albert van der Zeijden (a.vanderzeijden@immaterieelerfgoed.nl), Naila Cerabasic (naila@ief.hr), Ananya Bhattacharya (ananya@banglanatak.com), Norov Urtnasan (n.urtnasan@gmail.com), Chang Liu (TXYBJ@yahoo.de), Lluís Garcia Petit (lgp@pangea.org), Dag Feldborg (dag.feldborg@handverksinstituttet.no), Egil Bakka (egil.bakka@ntnu.no).



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