The ICH NGO forum has launched regional networks to share experiences and find ways to develop network cooperation, relationships and capacities in the regions.

To that effect, regional meetings of NGOswere held in Jeju to further enhance, and support from the regions efforts of the Forum, determined to be an even more active role player in the process of safeguarding ICH.

To establish this, regional working group meetings were held in Jeju, where the first exchange of ideas, challenges and possible networking strategies were discussed.

You can access the reports of regional meetings here:


Africa: Mr. Leonce Ki (

Arab StatesMr. Fares Kallas ( and Ms. Reme Sakr (

Asia and the Pacific: Ms. Ananya Bhattacharya ( and Hanhee Hahm (

Eastern EuropeMr. Michal Buchowski (

Latin America and the CaribbeanMr. Jorge Gustavo Caicedo ( and Mr. Diego Gradis (

Western Europe and North Americacontact via Mr. Dag Feldborg ( Executive group: Carla Raposeira, Albert Van Der Zeijden, Jorijn Neyrinck, Antoine Gauthier, Lluis Petit, Dag Feldborg, Harriet Decon.


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